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Meet Anna and Leah

Welcome to Abba Heritage! Thank you for visiting this website. I’d like to take a moment and introduce ourselves. I’m Anna, the eldest, and this is my sister Leah to the right. Many have asked what motivated us to start this business. The answer is quite simple. As children, growing up, we were exposed to a wide variety of books. Our dad made sure that the right kinds of books were readily available to us. He knew that they had a way of impacting a person, broadening horizons and shaping ones mentality. Books connect older generations with the new. Sadly, a lot of people no longer see it as something crucially important for the family or even the country. Realizing the gravity of this, we’d like to introduce you to great literature, aimed at strengthening, connecting and equipping families.  It is our desire to pass on this treasure trove of knowledge - our father’s Heritage.


Anna and Leah

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